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O HAY GUYS haven't posted in some time! Here is an RP log from earlier today. Same format as usual, same sinners to blame.. It's partly based on Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story[in which Stewie hits the bottle, hard], but there are no spoilers. Enjoy :3

."on the rocks".
.stewie and brian.
.graphic heavy petting, no actual penetration.
.this story involves :
the use of alcohol;
teddy bears being used inappropriately;
foul language.. just what you've come to expect from molly and vee :B.
notes: the start is a bit abrupt.. and so is the end, we both had to dash after the climax, so to speak. ha!
I think, though, for what it's worth it's fairly funny and very sexy and a good fast read.

Yeah, good job, Stewie. Get drunk off your ass and you get calm; you also get pretty easy. Eyebrows were raised, eyes pulled mostly shut, grin sloppy and smug all over a face that flushed slightly pink. That childish ass that was usually so tight loosened up, so to speak. Hair rumpled, Stewie blinked a few times, to get his bearings. He was sitting.. mmm.. Sitting in his room, on the floor, on his blanket.. No.. crouching, more like.. And..
"Rupert!" Stewie had a brief moment of clarity, lower lids drawing up, slurred voice growing thin and hoarse. "Oh, god, what... wha-have I done to you.." He was crouched with his thighs tight around the stuffed bear's neck, and he.. well.. Seemed as though he was enjoying himself. Stewie shuddered, the arousal growing slightly less insistent, clutched Rupert up into his arms. "I'm s..sorry, ol'buddy, I'll never.. Ever.." He sniffled, his other hand resting on his stomach. It almost hurt him, what sat between his legs. And he couldn't remember how he got to this point..

Cleaning up the slight mess that was left in the meager north-eastern kitchen, Brian grumbled to himself, the logic behind letting a baby get intoxicated had slipped by him- Oh, fucking GENIUS, Brian. As if the kid wasn't enough trouble normally, getting him shitfaced didn't make matters better. Dumping what could be cleaned into the dishwasher, the dog knocked back the remainder of a martini, frowning as he noticed that only a half-a-sip was left. Jesus. Now he had to go and check to see if that little shithead had even made it to his room.. Maybe he was pulling a Hendrix, drowning in his vomit. Ohhh... he should be so lucky. However.. Upon padding up to Stewie's bedroom, he was greeted with a site that made even a jaded puppy like him flush. What.. in.. hell. First he's all but MOUNTED the stuffed animal... and now, still as erect as a toddler could be... was cuddling it. "Well well well..." The dog rumbled, leaning in the doorway. "What do we have here...?"

"I.. I.. YOU SHUT UP..." Stewie slurred, twisting, holding Rupert away from the dog, but making no attempt to cover himself. "I'm.. goin'through a hard tiiime.." The kid ended on a sob, sitting disconsolately on the floor. Imagine the shame of making a drunken pass at a close friend, the awkwardness that would follow.. Nevermind that this was between an ugly baby and a teddy bear, the principle remained. "I need t.. t-be alone.. w'thhRupert.. Go on, dog.." His voice took on its more authoritarian, stern sound, thought it was fuzzy around the edges. Get the dog away.. Then.. Then.. Maybe Rupert wants it. Stuart certainly wanted it. "Get out.."

"Need to be alone with a stuffed animal...? You're definitely too smashed... Man, I'd give my left testicle for a camera right now..." He murmured, stepping into the room where he closed the door behind himself. Smirking as best he could, Brian stepped closer, too amused by all of this to even care much that he kid had told him to leave. "What, did he say 'no, lets just be friends...?' Hah-hah, heard that one before..." Came an almost too-close-to-home retort. This though, still was worlds of interesting. "How long as he been coming on to you, huh...?" Brian replied once more, the sincerity in his voice overshadowed by the perverse glee of this particular situation..

"Brian, I'm.. I'mbein'serious-here, I'm.. I'm not just, you know, fucking around, you-...are.. are you gonna listen to me?" He blinked slowly, shooting an accusatory look at Brian. "Are you gonna listen to me? Huh? Well?" Rupert fell from his chubby little mitts and he scowled at Brian when he got no reply but a jaded laugh. He ran as best as he could toward the dog, little fists flailing haphazardly. "Have.. Haveatyou,then!"

Brian's would-be brows rose, and he stuck out his arms, lifting the baby beneath his flailing arms and holding him at a distance as he wobbled and kicked. "Yeah, have at me. Calm down Stewie, I'm listening. You're drunk, but oh boy am I listening.." It was easy to hide the guise of general- must I reiterate- perverse interest in what the baby was talking about. Perhaps too it was because the scent of arousal hung heavily in the air, wrapped in a sheet of vodka and vermouth which made his mouth water even further. Yes, keep wiggling, you ill little shit..

He did keep wiggling, pounding his fists against strong white paws for a few moments more before he collapsed into sobs, curling up into himself, shuddering. "I just.. I.. I'm afraid he doesn't like me.." Wide eyes made shiny by the booze stared out at Brian. "Haven't.. haven' ya ever worried about-that Brian? That.. tha' the one y'love somuch just.. just hates you?" And he fell forward, buried his face in the dog's chest..~

"Hey, I was married, however briefly, to the one I love..d. And I knew that she didn't like me back... You can't force love, it just happens. I'm no expert, I've never even found that 'special someone'," The dog almost lamented. "But I can't spend the rest of my life pining over what literally can't be. And you're far too young to be caught up in that..." Brian soothed, arms curling around the kid as he patted his back lightly. Alright, this was to be expected, the rapid mood-swings... But.. the fact that the agonizing tone that escaped the kid had moved him a bit... Well... Huh. Perhaps if he was lucky, Stewie would be too shitfaced to remember any of this. However... Brian wasn't particularly the luckiest individual..

"Mmh.." He sniffled, getting the fur rather messy. Gross.. "T.. Thagyou, Brian, you.. y'always.. were the smart one.." That little body squirmed in his grip, little hips pushing against his white stomach. "And y.. y'always so warm.." His voice grew low and syrupy, his eyes slid shut. He was warm.. And his fur had such an excellent soft texture..

"Uhhhhh.." Came a heavy exhalation, as the dog's eyes widened, his grip tensing a bit on that tiny torso. Did... "Did you just grind against me?" Brian queried, though the breath was exhaled a bit quickly. "Yeah... having fur does tend to make one warm..." The dog's face twisted into some look of genuine surprise. Yeah, he really wanted to be the rebound, to a toddler as he was getting over his stuffed teddy bear. Right...

The insult entailed in being considered rebound or not, when Stuart meant business, you could tell. The stiffie he'd gotten while humping the soft head of his bear might not have been intended for Brian originally, but.. He squirmed, moving so that the head of the delicate little thing ran an inch or two up the boozehound's belly, the tickling sensation of the fur making him swallow, hard. Stuart's miniscule masculinity moved as he thrust his hips slowly up, a little groan escaping him. "Nnngh.. Brian..?.."

Oh... No. That was not good. Not at all. He... There was something almost pleasing, listening to the child that came from Peter and Lois Griffin articulating himself... But when that almost European sounding child gasped, when he moaned, when his name came from that normally vitriolic mouth... It pretty much made the dog's brain go blank. "Uhhn... What?" He whispered back, clutching the kid closer as he felt a familiar pull in his nether-regions. Oh.. man, this could possibly end very... very heinously... or Very, very well. Either way... Really..

"Brian, is that.. What... Whatis.." He slurred, looking down at the press of their bodies, panting quietly. Something was drooling from him, leaving a sticky , barely-there trail down Brian's stomach, and he felt a hot stinging all through that tiny cock, an almost painful pleasure that made him shiver. "What's..that.." He mumbled, incoherent, looking almost like a normal baby. Almost..

"You... ah..." The dog staggered back against the door, and slid, his legs all but giving out beneath him. And he continued to whisper, though the sound was heavy, strained, he was panting. "You're... hard. Erect. You're... turned on, and I don't know why you still are..." He mumbled, finding it difficult not to be turned the fuck on, just by sheer proxy of this all..

A silly grin spread over Stewie's face when the bafflement faded, his legs hitching around Brian's hips, his cheeks growing red. "Why are y'turning me on, Brian?" He asked the question innocently enough, but he still subtly humped the dog's stomach, moving his hips so that he was tentatively masturbating himself against the animal's fur. "Hasn't happn-before, hazzit..?"

"I don't... I don't know..." Came a heavy pant, a pathetic sounding groan followed. And... slowly his hips moved reflexively. "The... question is.." Oh man... He yelped in his throat, feeling himself slip from his sheath, pressing slickly against the naked child's rear-end. "W-Why are you ma--making me... Nnnngh... Aah... Stewie.."

"Why, I have no idea what you're talking about.." And a bit of the malevolent intelligence shone through in the slurred words, a bit of the dangerous glint was visible in his eye, but you couldn't fault him yet. No, no. Still an innocent child, held in the cruel sway of King Liquor. He drunkenly denied doing anything wrong as his hips pushed his cock more and more insistently against Brian, as his ass grazed Brian's own arousal..

The dog's head thumped back against the door, a steady, quick rhythm of his tail hitting the bottom of the door as well. As his chest heaved, his hips pushing up, the rapping of his tail switched- A longer pause between each thump, the intensity of said thumps increasing- The furious wagging of his tail, the insistent grinding upwards of his hips... "S--Stewie... You.. A..Ahhhhhn..." Oh, man, the sound of that low timbered voice of his, always so articulate [perhaps why he got along with the kid in that weird, 'let's abuse eachother' sort of way], growing so tremulous.. That.. Love/Hate they shared, which was... Oh, right now, he just wanted this kid, the smell of him was intoxicating, baby shampoo, the waft of vermouth, the arousal which was surprisingly pungent... Oh, there was no guilt at this moment, just need, oh... so overwhelming. His arms tightened around the kid, moving with him as he ground, pushing harder against that small crack of the ass... "Nnngh..!"

"Nnhh.." Maybe Stewie was sobering up.. Maybe not. He was still drunk enough to be easy, still 75% there, still awake and alert enough to be pushing himself frantically against that soft, moist fur.. In a distinct fucking motion, though there was no hole to penetrate. The added friction of being pushed back was only helping. And now Brian was pressing against his opening, holding him tight and groaning.. Stewie wasn't sure whether to laugh in triumph or collapse, but he kept grinding.. Not wanting to get off yet, but certainly enthusiastic about keeping Brian hot..

His breath began to hitch, that always expressive face twisting, pulling into an almost anxious, bow-browed face, the panting was uncontrollable and fast, his hips snapping forward even faster, blindingly fast... Oh.. never.. ever... He held the kid close to his body, as taut as he could, flexing the muscle beneath his white fur until each muscle could be felt beneath that warm, fuzzy buffer... "Ah..Ahhh... S--St..!" This was too much, he was so... Just.. a little more...!

Stewie let out a huff of breath against the fur of Brian's neck and opened his mouth, biting lightly against the soft skin of his throat as, with a hiss and a bucking motion, he spilled what little he had across that fuzzy stomach, a soft gurgling whimper pouring like honey from his throat. Ohh... God. "Mmh.." He blinked slowly, squirming, sliding against Brian easily when that lubricant was expelled, its heat trickling down to drool over his still-erect, very wet cock..

A sharp, almost whine left his throat at that and he bucked his hips ferociously, at the sounds, at the feelings, at... oh.. that bite... He held the child firmly to his body, the whine dissolving into a throaty whimper as he came, hot semen spilling eagerly from the tip of his pointed cock, "Nhn... Ahn.." A throaty grunt for each little jerk of his hips as he finished coming. His tongue instantly left his mouth, licking at the baby's neck softly, in an instinctual urge to sooth his mate.
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OMG. Really hot megalomaniac baby/dog gay drunken sex with plushies.

You're going to the good hell!
"Thank you, sir! That's exactly what I was going for!"
Wow, that was fast XD I bet you're wide awake and bored, just like me. It's awesome when you're bored as hell and then smut pops up on your friends page. i think you'd really like the Stewie Griffin DVD x3
:SALUTE: Really Hot is right!