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rp log.

pairing: stewie and brian
activities: graphic heavy petting
rating: insanely R
notes: this is a condensed and edited RP log, and there are spaces between each post- It starts with Stewie, then goes to Brian, then back. It's not difficult to figure out at all. On a side note; I long for the day when I mature enough to write something without every sentence being laden with sexual innuendo.
the basket: reserved for my trip to hell.

It wasn't terribly difficult to tell when the youngest child of the house was nearby. The shuffle of small shoes, the snarls of antiquated profanity, the distinct smell of smoke with an indistinct undertone- At this moment one could hear and smell all of these. "BLAST!" Stuart tended to shout word at every opportunity. It was a catch all phrase for whatever turbulent emotion he was feeling.. One couldn't expect such a young child to have a big vocabulary, now could one? "I shall need SEVERAL weeks to complete this catalytic convertor and those are weeks I do not HAVE! Confound these godforsaken parts from.. Eh.. What's.." He looked down at the gasket clutched in his small hand. "Goodyear.." He narrowed his eyes, scuttling into the living room and nearing the couch. "Once my machine is complete.. Well, it won't be a very GOOD YEAR for them, I assure you..!" He let loose a maniacal laugh that tapered off into a chuckle. "Ohh.. Oh, yes. Oh, dog!" He peered up- to the canine on the couch and gave a smile. "Did you hear that, hmm? Good year? I'm funny." He jumped up onto the cushion, tugging his legs up and moving to sit. "What's on, then.."

A roll of large, beady eyes was the only reponse the scuffle and pint-sized rant from the youngest of his best friend's children. "Oh yeah, you're slaying me here." Brian rumbled, tail wagging lazily from side to side as he spoke. He didn't bother to ask what the machine was, nor did he really give a damn, as long as nothing strange was missing from his car, and nothing dead was stowed in its trunk. "Lets see..." The dog murmured, snatching the remote from the arm of the couch, flicking rapidly through the stations. "I'm a teenage prostitute, and so is my sister; My sister is a teenage prostitute and I am her mother; hmm... what else, oh, Designing Women is on. Can't miss that," He deadpanned, tossing the remote towards the child next to him. He could at least *stand* Stewie's presence, when the child wasn't threatening everyone.. Actually, he could tolerate that, but the kid was at his best when he was quiet, or asleep. Preferably asleep.

Eyebrows flicked downward as the remote hit his shoulder, and he picked it up and clutched it posessively. A wicked grin spread across his childish face, lower lids raising.. "Ohh, you know what? I think.. about this time on Animal Planet, there's.." He flicked the channel up a few notches and stifled a laugh. "Well look at that? A dog show! Hmm?" He looked hopefully over at Brian. "That'll be a fun show for the dog to watch, ahaha.." A feminine laugh issued from his little throat and he let the remote drop between them. "I do so enjoy witnessing the subjugation of the ignorant.."

A growl could have found its way from the dog's throat to the ears of the small, maulable child to his right, but the aforementioned slid down a little, leaning into the corner of the couch, invisible dog-brows arching at the screen. "Oh yeah, a dog show, bra-vo Stewie." He murmured. Well, at least there was some decent trim on the tv for once. Sure, a lot of those bitches were small and yippy, but well, that was the best kind, a sort of wham-bam so to speak. And yes, he'd known it was on the television, but he didn't want to make his desire to watch too obvious.. Dog Shows were almost porno for dogs, to a certain extent. The finest of each breed. Shifting, Brian dropped his paw on the remote and snagged it back. However, he hadn't changed the station yet, his ears perking a bit as another canine of his breed trotted across the screen.

Dark pupils slid to one side, grin less wicked and more insinuating remaining. Stewie was silent, but it was pretty obvious what he was thinking, if you looked at him. He'd wait a few more moments to interrupt the dog's reverie.. But it gave him a bizarre sort of satisfaction to see ears pricking up, jaws parting just enough to let out little pants of warm air. The tail was still. He coughed suddenly, looking back at the TV and standing up on the cushions. "Hot in here, isn't it, dog?" His voice was accusatory, yes.. But.. There was something else.

A huff of breath, and Brian shook his head quickly, shifting on the couch, his tail wagging a bit, though nothing wild.. Not yet, he easily could be beating the dust out of that dusky-purple couch, but well... Christ, Stewie was right-- "Don't you have someplace to be? Oh look, it's--" Brian glanced at his wrist. "Oh yeah, it's nap-time! Where's Lois?" He sat up on the couch, looking from side to side, not quite frantic to get the kid out of his face, but well, man, it wouldn't hurt to have Stewie gone for a good... oh, five or ten minutes. Just enough time to get some cushion-humping in or something..
"Nap time?!" He wailed, eyes squinting. "Poppycock! The mad matriarch is just a distraction! I know what you're thinking.." The child purred, pressing his hands together as he leaned against the armrest. "You want to just.. get me out of the way to watch those prissy bitches on TV. Well I'll tell you what.." He leapt forward, grabbing up the remote and unlatching the battery panel. Stuart snatched up the two tiny cylinders and in one motion had them down the front of his diaper. "The situation is not gonna get any easier!..." He giggled, setting the empty remote down. "Or should I say less hard?"

The dog's eyes widened at that, furry brow furrowing as his eyes then narrowed. "Oh ho.... Do you really think I have any sort of a problem getting those batteries from you?" Brian mumured nonchalantly, eyes dropping back to the television. Two could play at this game. perhaps the baby'd get so worked up that he'd just give up on the matter... What struck him though, was how fucking *smart* the kid was... Sure, he came from Lois' womb, but there was no way this was genuine Griffin here. Too cunning. WAY too cunning. His tail began to flick idly at the dogs that were on the tv, hell, he was a dog, and a male one at that, so it wasn't as if falling in and out of heat was uncommon, but having to disguise his wild interest in some things while Stewie was around... that always was a trying event. Another huff of breath, and the dog swallowed, attempting not to even look at the baby anymore.

Stewie's nose wrinkled and his eyes grew cold, arms folding. He sniffed- "You think you're capable? I'm not about to make it easy for you, mongrel." Though it didn't seem Brian wanted those batteries at all, he just wanted to drool at the TV. Something gnawed at the back of the child's brain.. A kind of pain, an emotional distress that was ineffable.. "Well? Are you going to try or not?" The sick part of that pain wanted Brian to try. Not for any sexual pleasure- not now, anyway. It was.. Rather like.. Jealousy.

Blindly sticking his paw out, Brian patted the small child's stomach, right over the edge of his diaper. "Oh look, tried and failed. Stupid dog..." He murmured, pupils dialating at the screen. His tail began to beat wildly on that poor couch, and his paw dropped between them again. It really didn't matter... Though, his pride still gnawed at him, he didn't want to let the kid see him like this. Well... he wouldn't get too wild right now, after all, he still was prettty much a toddler... But what was the harm, really. At least he wasn't humping *him*.. ........Shaken from his television-induced reverie at that thought, Brian cocked his head to the side, and leaned towards Stewie, giving the small child a good sniffing. Well, at very least, his diaper didn't appear to be soiled, yet. Thankfully. He could have cringed at that... But he did smell some other almost... disturbing pheremones emanating from the kid.

The cruelest Griffin let out a strange sort of sound as he was nosed.. For a moment, he was worried Brian had given up. Spoilsport. But no.. No, the dog drawing nearer, snuffling at him- Even if it was only for a moment it sent the weirdest feeling through him, and he gulped. What the deuce was.. What was that? The smell of the foul creature, the stink of dog food and a general dirtiness and something else raced through him and did something entirely disgusting to his.. his.. "Dog! Are you going to try, or not? Here.." He fumbled with his overalls, stepping out of the red garment, the loose yellow shirt and diaper not much cover.. But being a baby, and not a particularly cute one, it was pretty hard to look alluring anyway.

"Jeez." The dog recoiled a little, yes, the rhetorical tennis-ball was in *his* court this time around... 40/Love. "It's like you *want* me to try..." He scoffed. "Filthy little kid, trying to get me to stuff my hands down the front of your diaper.." A smile that he hid, oh this was good. He almost wished he'd had a camera at the moment. "Whoa-whoa-whoa, Kiddo! What does this place look like, Neverland Ranch? What, am I supposed to find a half-a-pack of Rolaids in there? Right kid." He scoffed, getting on his knees as he snuffled the child again, from is odd-shaped noggin, towards his navel, until his black nose was pressed against the front of his diaper. He was honestly waiting for the brat to start wailing for Lois, or Peter, and wow, just... Wow, how fun would this situation be to explain... However intriguing it seemed to be now. And *that* was only because Stewie was being so pint-sizedly adamant..

"Yes.." It was pretty disturbing, hearing such a lewd voice come from the throat of such a tiny little boy. "Yes, dog, you'll.. You'll do what you're told, won't you?" 'Disturbing', of all the words in the dictionary, fit this child's every aspect most perfectly. "You're getting warmer," He commented, though it could be said for himself as well. Warmer.. Well. Remarking on how horrible the situation was.. That was fairly moot at this point. It could only get worse. For example.. One hand moved to settle upon the top of the dog's head, pet mockingly at the fur. "Good boy!"

Beady eyes narrowed, then flicked up to the toddler who audaciously had dropped his tiny hand onto Brian's head. "You're well aware that I have teeth, right?" He ended with a growl that only rumbled in his throat, lips curling back a bit to show off his pearly-white canines. A snap of his jaw, and he moved his head from beneath the baby's hand, he couldn't help that there was no attention being paid to the television, and his tail was still wagging wildly, more cautiously, but still non-stop. The dog huffed a breath from his snout, and lifted up his paw slowly, still not 100% trusting the kid. Hell, he never had before, so why start now?

Stewie moved his hand away, but didn't quiet down at all. "You're just lucky. I haven't soiled myself in quite some time.. Of course, you had better watch out in case you caught me at a bad time.." He relaxed slightly against the armrest, letting out a sigh. "On with it, then.." It was rather odd how nonchalant about this he was being, gazing down at Brian with a cocky smile. It wasn't bad at all.. God, he'd been needing to get laid, and- A little choke, and his eyes grew fearful for a half second. Get laid? Uh.. well, no no, he wasn't necessarily.. Uh.. He wasn't at all!.. Going to let the dog.. Er.. No. ..It wasn't that. Not that at all. He took a breath. ...That would be wrong. But he blinked, looking back at Brian. What was 'wrong', anyway?

Yes... that was it. He could smell it on the kid, amazed that at his age he was even able to conjure up desires as such, but shit. It was very obvious. Was it because he too was in heat? Shit, there was no... All he wanted was the batteries. Well, actually, all Stewie wanted, was for this dog to want the batteries. "Ohh, it's no fur off my hide..." The dog rumbled, smirking a little in his own way. Hell, he'd be fine keeping this on the tv. Stewie needed Brian to acquiesce to the 'copping of some sort of feel'. Aah, the power. Power felt good.. He returned to his seated position on the couch in front of the television, without a subsequent care in the world, waiting for the baby to get agitated.. or further agitated. Yes, that hitch, that little rush of air was almost intoxicating in a way. Yes, this was many, many levels of wrong, but he knew Peter was at work, the kids were at school, and Lois was in the shower or bath or some nonsense like that... It didn't matter right now. Shifting on the couch, Brian's taill still wagged, he did do a fantastic job showing his excitement though. Hell, he'd had to learn to keep his business in check, lest he wanted his balls lopped completely off, and this was a damn near no-no.

Eyes slid shut as Brian nudged nearer. "Yes, Yes, I.. I.." Stewie nearly wriggled against the cushion, his pleasure a mixture of being touched and the rush he got from humiliating another creature. When.. Suddenly- ..A blink, and he opened his eyes, head shaking. Brian was across the couch again. Speechless for a moment, and suffering a strange kind of tension in his gut, the young Griffin let out a yelp. "What do you think you're DOING over THERE..?" It was more panicky than anything else, an edge of need in his insinuating voice. "Are you just going t.. To give up, dog? Quitter! ..Philistine!" He scowled, sitting down hard and folding his arms in front of himself. "Television.." A slow, acidic exhalation. "What good is that infernal hunk of gaskets if all you get to do is LOOK at pictures, anyway?" His nose wrinkled petulantly. "They'll never touch you..! You'll never ever touch them! What is the bloody point..?!"

Cocking his head to the side, the dog shot an insinuatory look at the baby. If he wanted it... well he could get on his hands and knees and crawl right the hell over. It was official though, Stewie.. was somehow in need of him now, which gave Brian another shudder of power, oh wow... And somehow his interests were more than piqued... "What do I look like, some sort of dog? If you want something, then come here, and ask." He rumbled, trying to hide how hilarious this was to him. Arms folded almost cockily behind his head, the dog's vision glazed away from the tv, though it gave the impression he was still transfixed on the images on the screen.

Stewie was practically seething.. He was having a good deal of fun humiliating the mutt, but whatever he was doing had stopped working. He had enjoyed the feeling of blood pulsing heavy through his guts, of muscles tensing and knotting up.. But now all those pretty feelings had gone sour, and he needed to relieve them. This arousal was a weight. ..He came nearer. "Is this what you want?" He frowned, face showing a good deal of shame.

"Is it what *you* want...?" Brian rumbled, hands dropping to his sides. It didn't take much for him to slide his white paws beneath his yellow-clad arms, lifting the baby up then setting him down on his lap. He did, and would admit a bit of compassion for the sake of the kid, he knew *exactly* how he felt right now, not that any way it would be looked at, this situation was kosher, but... leaning forward, he snuffled the kid again, his paws remaining on the toddler's diaper-clad waist. "You happy now?"

Stewie's eyes dropped, small mouth pulling into a frown. 'Happiness' per se was not a big factor in his life. He got a good bit of glee from maiming and torturing, but you couldn't call it happiness by any means.. Not really. He shook his head slightly, somewhat shocked at himself when he pushed his stomach back up against that nose..

A smirk graced Brian's mouth, and he pressed a paw against the front of his diaper, feeling for the double-a's. He could be a real fuck.. take the batteries then send the kid off, but he'd always been sort of sucked into Stewie's games... something he hated tremendously was to see the kid genuinely unhappy, that actually bothered him, so the notion of perhaps he being the one to ruin his day didn't seem like the best idea at the moment. Maybe some other time, during a situation that was a lot less... intense. Black nostrils flared as he welled up all of his canine-courage and poked his furry paw into the recesses of that diaper, feeling blindly for those double a batteries... And of course, big surprise there, the thing that was 'up' with Stewie, so to speak. Ha-ha..

The kid sat quite still against Brian, eyes mostly closed, pupils flicking back and forth. Part of him wanted to hiss and laugh for joy at how good that felt, but he was as paranoid as ever, and the last thing he needed was the obese imbecile or the horrid harpy to come and ruin the situation. One hand went to clasp at Brian's stomach, hold the soft, furred skin tight.. Before.. The grip loosened, and his shoulders relaxed, and his fingers scratched that stomach in gratitude..

Feeling around, the dog swallowed, pressing his muzzle against the side of the baby's head. Hell, it would almost look like they were hugging if someone came in, though it was far from it. And that would be a shock to anyone who decided to meander into the Griffin household at the present moment. One battery was tossed out, then another, though Brian's paw stayed where it was, mildly fondling the kid. A pant huffed from his chest, and he absently found himself lapping, against the kid's head, shifting the meager weight in his lap.~

"Nnh.." He let out a quiet, almost peaceful sound.. That breath smelled, but it was warm and somewhat relaxing.. And the paw against his body was soft and slow. He squirmed slightly in Brian's lap, turning to push his face into the soft white fur. This was good.. Very, very good.. Remarkable. "Oh-" His brow furrowed.

If he could flush, the dog probably would have. This... this was almost like charity, well, he was going into the situation like that, but... somehow even the sounds this kid was making were... almost too much. He shifted again, his own need becoming a bit more of a burden to keep in check. There was probably no way... But... His paw seized, clutching what meager package Stewie had, Brian huffing out another pant. "You... gotta.." He let out a defeated breath. He even *tasted* good, for a human. Which would have been something he wouldnt have even admitted to himself... but they were both facing a lot at the present moment.

"W..What?" For once, Stewie wasn't filled with rage or spitting insults left and right.. This had weakened him, made him soft and vulnerable, made his body relax against the dog's almost as if he were a doll. What could either possibly do to make this better? His hand ran over Brian's chest, petting the fur almost affectionately, feeling that warmth.. It was comforting..

"You're just..." He swallowed, shifting again. "The noises... They're almost.. too much.." He managed, embarassed, but somehow not. It was rare to hear something aside from rage spewed from that little mouth. The hand on his chest did nothing to quell the urges he was suffering from allowing to take over. The dramatically intense urge to just fucking *hump* was really tearing at him. A slight gyration of his hips upwards, it was just a little strange friction that was craved, let alone needed..

Stewie swallowed hard, eyes rolling upward to stare at him. He opened his mouth to say something, but when the dog pressed his hips up against.. He just.. When he.. Stewie let out a low groan. It almost sounded as if he were beginning to cry, the low wail that babies tend to make.. But it didn't dissolve into sobs, it purred lowly, didn't tear from him so much as spill out of him. He might have had a small package, but it was susprisingly hard at the moment.. a hot, agressive jolt of pleasure racked him, his head throbbing. "Dog.." He growled, pressing back down against him.

"Oh.." He gruffed, pants spilling from his mouth as he pressed back towards that weight, he felt his cock slip a little from his protective sheathe, oh man, this was going towards the worse end, and wow, how horribly embarassing, but... No one was around and... well... the kid... seemed to be willing. "Get rid of this.." He almost growled, tugging at the diaper. Yes, he was thankful that the kid didn't have any innate urge to soil himself presently. He just... Oh man..

Stuart Griffin complied, pulling away the stuffy white material which fell heavily to the floor. Nothing was so sexually unappealing as a naked, ugly, chubby little baby. Then again, a dog in heat wasn't exactly sexy either, so Brian couldn't possibly judge. Stewie fell back against him again, little hands clutching at his own shirt, and he winced when he felt something slick against his exposed lower back.. Curiously turned his head and went even redder. "That's.. T.. That's disgusting.." He marveled, but didn't recoil. He may have pressed closer. Who fucking knew.

He didn't bother to scoff, hell, he thought his own dick was a little questionable at times, but well, you can't choose what you're born with, now can you... It did help that he was already slick though, that saved a massive process, or so he assumed. Hell, even friction would suffice, but glancing down at the kid's tiny package, he didn't bother even to shrug. Both furry arms wrapped around that small body, and he pulled Stewie closer to his chest, nuzzling the side of his head again as he pushed up, grinding against his smooth flesh. Oh yes. What a rarity was this, really, truly..

He nearly pulled back.. He felt rather like Lois's right leg at the moment, and it was somewhat revolting- But- There was something about the way he was slow and deliberate, the press and pull of his hips, Stewie just gasped and held tight onto him.. Not wanting to be scratched or violated, just.. Eyes squeezed tightly shut and he let out a low cry, the moisture grinding against him at once sickening and painfully arousing. He felt his hands slip down to his own crotch, fingers obscuring the small pink thickness, hiding the way it stood upright, not wanting to come and have it end..

Another almost pained pant left Brian's mouth, and he pushed back up, slowly, not wanting to wildly buck against the kid, tha'd be too much, ah, shit, he'd probably start crying too or something terrifying like that, but this was just enough, the friction was all he craved, though, he definitely didn't want to leave any sort of liquid-evidence on the kid. He'd only go so far before trotting off elsewhere, but this.. this was somehow their moment. Another lap to his head, and Brian's white paw found Stewie's small pale hands, pressing against that little, but powerful arousal..

Stewie sighed as that tongue ran over him, clutched at Brian's paw to place it against that small stiffness. They were both so.. inadequate and different.. Except to one another. Both such small and perverse creatures, both so hard up, and this was like a gift to both of them. "Dog, I.. I don't.. know how to.." He swallowed. He was going to say 'thank you', but suddenly didn't want to seem so soft.. And besides.. He glanced down, eyes narrowed. He really wasn't sure how to.. well. He coughed, straining against Brian, letting out soft sobs of pleasure. "Nnhh.." This was torture, but it was beautiful..

A posessive growl reverberated through his chest and he clutched the child to him, still lapping earnestly at his flesh, pushing his hips up as his tail whapped ravenously against the couch. "Just... just... Ahh.." He moaned out, a little bark echoing from his throat. "Stop.. holding back.." He rumbled hotly, breath huffing against Stewie's head. He continued to buck, a bit faster than before but no harder. This.. Oh man, he didn't even want to think of the 'after' in this situation just yet... Not yet, this was still too much like a deliciously evil heaven..

"Hnn.." He bit his lip, cheeks crimson, brows furrowed. Don't hold back.. He relaxed, let out a low moan and pressed himself against that paw.. trying not to tense up and hold it. After a few moments, he came.. It wasn't explosive or impressive, just a fast hot steady trickle that lasted several seconds. It spilled onto the couch and that white paw. He whimpered, looking down at himself, feeling all of his anxiety drain away. "Oh.. God.." The severity of the situation hit him hard..
His nose twitched at that smell of arousal, and the dog hitched a sort of half-bark in his throat, giving the baby a quick lick before cleaning off his paw, then bolting off through the kitchen to the yard. It was almost cowardly of him, but the last thing he wanted to explain was why he was bathing Stewie... though, that didn't sound like a bad idea anyway... Spending himself quite easily, and liberally in the grass, the dog let out a low groan, and panted, returning after a moment or two back inside of his house..

Stewie reveled in that warm, soft embrace and then- quite suddenly, it was torn away, and he let out a cry of surprise, staggering to the doorway. "Wait! I-" ..Upon Brian's return, Stewie stared quizzically at him. "Why didn't you.." Well. One more rung on the weird ladder couldn't have made much of a difference, could it? He narrowed his eyes. Brian was always so.. holier than thou about everything.

Coming back into the house with an almost shamed look on his face, the dog rubbed the back of his head, returning to the youngest of the Griffin kids, hopping up on the couch, then pulling the baby warmly into his lap. "Geez... kid, I'm real sorry... There's just... there's a *lot* of it... and y'know... It'd be hard to explain, especially if it got on your clothing somehow...." He gave Stewie another lap, nuzzling his cheek as some sort of odd, silent apology..

One small hand clapped over the dog's muzzle, shoved his nose away. "Don't slurp at me like I'm some kind of overgrown Snausage, you.. you mange-ridden.. quadruped..!" He huffed, brows raising, trying to sound like his usual self and.. failing. Defeated, he just.. gazed quietly at Brian, swallowed. "You.. you, this.. Is.. not over!" He sputtered, referring to his prior weakness. The next time.. If.. there were one.. He'd be the one to make Brian cringe and cry out. The next time. "Next time.." He mumbled, immobile, his cheek against Brian's chest.

"Right kid..." He rumbled, patting his back lightly. The show was over on the television, and he sort of... liked this small package of rage-filled human. He was warm, and with very little pushing was awfully compliant... Brian smirked.

Stewie felt himself cuddling nearer.. despite his common sense. It was warm.. Very warm, and he was suddenly so tired.. He relaxed into Brian's arms and sighed, disappointed in his lack of motivation to do anything.. particularly evil. This didn't feel as good as being evil, but.. It came close. "I.. I bet I stink, like you do.. now.." A yawn, eyes slipping shut..

"What are you insinuating?" The dog tilted his head a little, nudging the child in his arms before leaning back. "Oh, I see how it is, well then fine." He picked up the kid, and set him down off of his lap, almost wincing as he picked up the clothing from the floor, wow, if they were going to continue this... little entanglement of theirs, they'd have to really be discreet, though, it was by all means, 'doable' Hehheh. Pun fully intended.

Stewie sat with his legs crossed up on the couch, glaring quietly down at Brian. "I meant what I said.. You stink.." He raised one arm and sniffed under it. "Ugh, and now I do, too.." Brian was pretty kind about not spraying him, but he still smelled like a dog in heat, and he was too exhausted to be outraged.

"Fine fine, you see that I'm doing something here?" He inclined, tossing the diaper, and overalls over his shoulder before holding his arms out to the baby. "And look, if you think I like smelling like a toddler, or am loving your old diaper on my shoulder, you've got another thing coming.."

He reached out his arms and clambered into that grip before suddenly blinking, wriggling as he was carried. "Wait! Wait, what the deuce are you doing? Where are we going.." He mumbled, brows furrowed, torn between fighting and pressing his face into that soft white fur, inhaling the scent and falling asleep. This was a feeling that made him finally understand why most humans loved their stay in the womb.. Warmth and safety..

"Just can it for a minute, motormouth, I'm administering a bath." He said with a sort of smirk, starting up the stairs with the kid in his arms. "So you don't "smell like a foul canine" any further." He mused, marching up the stairs with his demi-naked prize.

This log was created by evillunch, who 'played' Stewie, and niceguymolly who wrote Brian's parts.
And guess what.
There's MORE.
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