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While I Suck That

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Slashing the works of Seth MacFarlane
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Family Guy and American Dad..
Great shows, amirite.
This is a community for fanart, fanfiction, RP logs, icons and related junk..
Which are filthy and horrible and contain a bunch of sex.

This isn't all slash[which implies making up a relationship which does not exist in canon], married couples/pairs which are already supported by either show are welcome as well. I am all for voice actor pairings.
All works contained herein are of an adult nature and most depict homosexual relationships. ..I also draw Brian a lot. Make of that what you will.
80s theme songs, adam west, adam west's hand, adorable real estate agents, adult swim, alien milk, american dad, asking for pecan sandies, avalanche of panties, bad coupons, barry, bdsm, brian, broke a blood vessel, bukakke, bum deals, buttsechs, chainsmoking aliens, chris, cia agents, cleveland, collars, come into my mouth, cute little hat, damn you all, damnn you and such, dear booze, diapers dominatrix housewives, extraterrestrial fags, family guy, fat kids, fighting chicken suited guys, fish with german brains, fox, fox sucks, francine smith, giggidy giggidy, godihateyousomuch, good to have land, guanantemo bay theme parties, hayley, hey jambie, hyperintelligent and megalomaniacal toddlers, i want a mullet, i'm holding hooters, intellectual dogs, it takes diff'rent strokes, joe, klaus, live in vegas, lois griffin, luke perry is gay, male impregnation, meg, mid to late thirties, neil goldman, nobody loves meg, obese extraterrestrials, occupado, on the balls hard, patrick warburton, pecan sandies, peewee's playhouse, peter griffin, petoria, puberty's gonna get me, quagmire, quahog rhode island, roger, rupert, seth, seth macfarlane, seth's voice is sexy, slash, snot, spank me peter, stan smith, steve, stewie, take a compliment, take on me, terrorist banter, that's right mister giraffe, the qman loves nobody, toshi, washington dc, white trash