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Because You NEED IT.

This is another RP that Vee and I did, actually through email, because we dork like that, and yes, it's all edited so ya'll can read it and enjoy.

It's not labeled, uhhh, I'm assuming anyone who DOES bother to read this can figure who is who.
Also, this is the rp that inspired this ->

Go nuts, chillens.

In the dead heat of summer, Brian Griffin lay splayed out across the couch, well, across one of the cushions of the couch, panting slightly.
The 'family' had gone out, well, let's rephrase that, Peter, in his infinite wisdom, along with Chris, another bright beacon of Griffin brilliance, had left to procure a *working* air conditioner... Likewise, Meg and Lois had tagged along, because at least for the faults in the males in the family, those two were just a shred or two sharper.
This of course, left him alone, with a diaper-clad baby, who couldn't have been any more excited to be left at home, in this sticky, sweltering heat.
Whoever the hell said that Rhode Island didn't get as hot as Florida in the dead heat of August, was a goddamned LIAR. Ugh.

It might have been hot, but this little child was still in reasonably high spirits.
Stuart Griffin stood naked as a jaybird in the doorway, arms outstretched.
"I say, dog! You simply must see this, I've written my name on th-.. Well, what's gotten into you?"
Little eyes narrowed reproachfully.
"Well, I know it's hot, but come now. This is ridiculous." A pause, and then a little wicked smile as he waddled nearer. "Oh, but I suppose you can't take off your winter clothes, now can you? Lucky I don't have that problem."

The dog groaned, and rolled onto his back, eyes narrowing as best he could.
"Shut up, kid."
He rumbled, could have growled, but it was too hot. Man, they better get home with the air conditioner soon, or he'd climb in the goddamned freezer. "And at least put a diaper on or something, for crying out loud-- yep, definitely can't blame that one on the cold, can we...”
Brian allowed himself a smirk, and sat up, panting still, then slid off of the couch, eyeing the kid.

Stewie blinked, looking down and frowning slightly. "Well what the hell do you expect, quadruped, I'm a baby! Hmph, bet you'd love it if I were hung like Chris, I- Euu, now why the deuce do I know that?" The boy's nose wrinkled and he folded his arms petulantly. "I'll do as I please, and I won't have a dog bossing me around." Dilated little pricks of black flicked to one side, glancing up at Brian.. "Now why the devil are you looking at me like that?"

The dog smirked again, then snorted.
"Don't flatter yourself, kiddo, I'd *rather* look at Chris." He replied as if it were nothing, then padded into the kitchen, opening the fridge door if only to stand in front of it. That kid was a constant pain in the ass, and where he'd pretty much be drawn to look at any bit of anatomy out of curious proxy, he didn't want to have his focus be on the underdeveloped groin of a one-year-old brat.

Not one to be ignored [God, if those five words could ever sum up a life]; said brat scurried right after him, stopping in his tracks as the puff of cool air from the fridge tickled at his stomach.
"Aah... You had the right idea, eh Brian? This is nice." The kid sat on the tile floor, stretching his arms. "It's too bloody hot to be running around like that...

Not even bothering to be agitated, the dog sat back on the floor, and lay on his back, paws up, towards the open door. Yeah, this would be worth the spike in the energy bill. Who gave a damn at the moment, really? His eyes slipped shut, and the panting subsided for a short period, yeah, not too bad.
The next step would be throwing the shower on, or going outside to screw around with the garden hose.
And honestly, he didn't mind the kid's company; Lois hadn't even asked him to watch Stewie this time around, just mentioned that they were leaving, the baby still padding around the house, next-to-nude at that point.
"C'mon Stewie, get a little decent, will ya, you're making the milk curdle." He said after a long cone of silence, trying to keep the glee from his words. Oh, it was so fun to mess with the kid.

"Oh ha-ha, Brian. Yes, I'm sure a little stink will spoil all the food. You ever stop to smell yourself? Old kibble and stale water...” He grunted, rolling onto his stomach and standing up. "And that's just your breath. I won't even bring up the rest of you... I'm too nice of a guy." He grinned maliciously. "Besides, your weakness is evident...”
And he brought down one small hand to Brian's stomach, rubbing that one spot just about the leg, just right and rough enough to not give anyone the wrong idea.

A warning growl was cut short by a whimper that morphed into some low sounding moan.
Damn it the fuck all! He'd sensed some sick glee the moment the kid had noticed the spot on him, it had been some time he'd let Peter get a little affectionate; Stewie was on the other side of his gargantuan father... he was *sure* the kid couldn't see over his gut, but no... His leg had lifted and he kicked, uncontrollably, oh, it made his head thrash a little, always.. Oh, he'd seen the gleam in those wicked black eyes, and this was the first time the kid had even attempted.
Fuck fuck fuck.
This always had gotten him too worked up, from time to time, he could manage to get Peter to stop after a certain point, but... no.. no. no. no. That would be horrific, he'd all but need to move out after something of that caliber happening because of Stewie. The thought had almost made the dog shudder, out of what; he himself wasn't 100% sure.
"Q--Quit it, kid.." He managed after a few moments, and even that was almost exhausting to pant out.

"Oh, I don't know, Brian... Seems like you like this! I mean, honestly, it'd be a crime to stop!"
The gleam in those precociously wicked eyes, the smirk on his face.. It all spelled trouble for the poor, twitching dog...
What else could be on the little Griffin's mind but torture as his hand shifted…
Slightly away from the dreaded spot, slightly lower…
Enough to ease the almost painful pleasure that racked Brian's brain enough that he could breathe.
Though... where Stewie was headed wasn't any more comforting. A sadistic smile as he stroked that soft pink skin just below the ribcage, knowing that even a dog as cool and intellectual as Brian couldn't resist how a good pet felt. It wasn't all bad for Stewie, either... the skin was velvety and warm, and even in the summer heat that warmth felt wonderful.

Eyes widening before shutting all together, the dog's head hit the tiled floor softly, his collar hitting soon after, a little tingeing reminder with each kick of his leg, where Stewie's hand was. Oh, he could even feel his skin heat up, this was real, real bad, and his panting came back full swing.
The worst part, aside from knowing that this fucked up kid, whose door he slept in front of when Peter and Lois ultimately kicked him out of their room, was knowingly getting him off…
His pants became ragged, oh, how he wanted to tell the kid to stop, plead, even beg for him to stop, he couldn't. Maybe he could blame it on how incredible this all felt, with the cool air from the refrigerator going, making everything feel even more surreal in the glow from that freakin' fridge-light..
Oh, yeah, this dog was seriously, seriously fucked.

Those fingertips met the soft nub of flesh that poked out from the meat of the dog's belly, ran lightly over the skin-
Then again, more insistently.
Stewie felt his reserve weaken for just a moment, but suddenly had an idea. With a few more strokes of that warm protrusion, those hands grasped at snowy fur and he tugged himself on top of the dog. His miniscule masculinity was nowhere near deflowering that canine, but the message was clear...
Stewie was straddling him, fingers still toying with white hair, head tilted slightly forward.
Ohh yes.
The look on his face was priceless.

The dog visibly swallowed, almost unable to dare a look up at the kid, if he could flush, if the pink glow of his skin could be seen beneath his snowy fur, it'd be all the worse. He huffed a sharp breath at the contact initially; unable to keep his lower half from reaching into that touch…
Christ, and another low, pained whimper. This kid didn't know what the fuck he was getting himself into, because given the chance; Brian would do exactly what Stewie was hoping he would.
Fucking kid... Sick, fucked-up up... warm... unnh... heavy…naked…kid…

Stewie just… didn’t know how easily he could unleash a monster, how simple it would be to get Brian excited enough to push the baby off of him...
To push him down to the floor, and.. Well. Who knew what was on the kid's mind?
He might be oblivious, or he might know full well what he was getting into.
He might be torturing the dog or he might be getting himself off…
The shameless way he squirmed, rocked gently on the dog's hips, pressing their bodies together in all the wrong places.
This was wrong.
This was terribly wrong, but those thoughts were shoved fast right out of the kid's head.
This felt good.. In both of the ways Stuart Griffin liked to feel good.
He was getting a little stiffy from it all, the kind he could only get from jerking off or listening to people talk about gouging out eyeballs.
The sick little fuck was panting, himself... Head bowed, mouth open, hands squeezing tight to hot flesh…

"S--Stewie..." The dog managed to pant, pushing up against him still though every fiber of his mind was telling him that he couldn't blame this on the heat, he couldn't blame the cold, Christ, he couldn't even blame it on being drunk... But... this kid... He knew... what the fuck he was doing...
He could even feel the kid getting off on this too.. .which, to his own mild disgust made his normally sheathed shaft of flesh become well, rather less sheathed, so to speak.
Brian let another howl of a pant slip, his arms splayed at his sides, virtually useless at this stage in the game... his legs were no longer kicking, rather braced on the bottom of the crisper drawer as his hips pistoned skyward.

A little uneasy laugh escaped him, keeping his thighs tight on either side of the dog to keep from falling off.
"See! Heheh... Dog... I knew you liked this...”
But the hard, domineering edge had gone from his voice, leaving only the strained, quiet, softer tones of his more feminine way of speaking. He felt the muscles and blood flex and pulse just under that warm canine skin, and the thrill of it forced a little gaspy moan out of his throat. Shifting, he raised his hips slightly, toyed his erection against the dog's, chucking malevolently all the while. GOD, that felt... exhilarating...
Some kind of combination of a cock and a tongue, slick and flushed, and hard...

Another helpless whimper left his mouth, oh, yeah, there as some shame in that, big time, but... who was he to deny himself either?
His chest was heaving, tail smashed between the tile and his back, the tip was hitting the floor wildly though as he kept pushing back, not as frantic, deep and calculated, oh, alright, maybe they were a little frantic...
Brian's head thrashed again, and hit the floor again, his eyes barely slivered open, oh, his paws were aching, he could... lift his arms, and hold the kid in place, tha'd probably fuck with his head pretty hard, but he wanted to, he didn't want the kid to do anything else, but what he was doing at this very moment.
Hesitantly, Brian lifted one trembling paw to the kid's back, holding him heavily in place, his other paw rising, then falling to his heated flesh moments later.
Take that.

A little sting of fear at those hands upon his admittedly vulnerable body, but... That fear was quickly replaced with a sharp pang of arousal, beady eyes all but rolling back into his head when the dog touched him.
Just a touch!
It had affected him pretty badly. He peered down to see himself... small, but one could see the dark blood pumping through the smooth, clean skin, and Stewie bit his lip.
He was more excited than he had thought possible.. Leaning back against that paw, he moved to thrust gently against Brian, no more was he just wriggling about on top of the dog...
These were slow and methodical movements, and the look on his face was one of pure exhilaration.
The way they fit together...
God, feeling that animal arousal against him was unreal, and the young heart in his chest seemed fit to burst. This was too fucking good to be true...
"Nnhh...” He stifled a cry, reaching up to bite gently at his hand. Oh, God...

The dog's panting has increased tenfold, another heavy, moan-tinged pant leaving his mouth, followed by another, and another, and at some point, unbeknownst to him, the sound was beginning to sound more and more like the baby's name.
He swallowed; no, nothing had felt like this before, and he'd humped all sorts of things...
…Not that he was proud to admit that, and he was sure, afterwards, the kid would act even worse to him, but he was willing to ignore that for the time being...
If he got to actually... be this intimate with the kid, and on more levels than just one, as far as he was concerned, he'd think they'd have a little something else to share and keep hidden from their idiot family members.
Brian pushed up harder, his back lifting from the floor as he sat up, holding the kid, his jaw pressed to the top of Stewie's head as he cried out with each friction-filled thrust.

The baby swallowed heavily, cheeks growing hotter as the dog moved to sit up and grasp him close.
Another broken-up sob, a gasp of horrified pleasure as he grabbed around the dog's middle, hugging him close as he felt himself reeling with pleasure.
Oh god, Oh yes... This was the most perfect sensation that he'd ever experienced; this wet, thrusting flesh against him, rubbing him in the most delightful way. He felt his shoulders tense up.. the muscles in his back contract and arch, his voice ringing out-
And he was through, limp against the dog, panting helpless as a puppy.
He shifted, the heat getting to him, making him dizzy...
The stickiness between his legs wasn't helping...

At the sheer utter of his name, the dog let out a sharp sound, his hips freezing in place, climaxing quite freely and too eagerly against the kid.
He wasn't embarrassed, he wasn't anything but buzzed and spent, slumping heavily against the kid he held in his arms, the heat between them was far from disgusting at this moment, sure, give them five or so minutes in front of the cold door...
Speaking of which, they both should probably be cooled off enough by now, perhaps even chilly...
Shifting, slightly, the dog scooted back, and kicked the fridge door shut with his paw, still too immersed in the afterglow to unwrap himself from the kid.
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