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Slashing the works of Seth MacFarlane

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Steve x Roger slash fic [12 Oct 2008|05:30pm]

Title : How Long Had It Been?
Rating: M
Summ: A very drunk alien and boy in a closet
Linky: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4564944/1/How_Long_Had_It_Been
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[29 Dec 2005|01:09pm]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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[12 Dec 2005|01:53am]

O HAY GUYS let's see.

.HAYLEY. Looking really hot. It was supposed to be her taking off a Burka, but I uh. Can't draw Burkas. Some sort of blanket then. Robe. Buh.
.FRANCINE. As a ho. xD I am terrible at drawing hips.
.LOIS. As a lounge singer.
.LOIS. In a bondage getup YAY.
.ROGER AND SAILOR SUIT STEVE. I doodled this back when the Smithcest episode was on the first time but I never put it here.
.ROGER SPYING ON STEVE. This just cracks me up.
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Hay-L0 [01 Dec 2005|06:58pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hi!! I'm new!!

Some of you may aleady know me as wormy from DeviantART and/or y!hosting Gallery.

But yeah, I'm stalking teh McFarlane slash now. Totally.

Short and sweet hi! I'll try and get something up soon!

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[19 Nov 2005|12:03pm]

Here is a mostly finished picture of Steve Smith and Neil Goldman getting intimate.
I need your help. The posters on the walls, what should they be? It's Steve's room, what do you think he likes? Shazam, definitely, probably Evil Dead, and Jack said Heavy Metal would be cool and I agree. :D Whadda you think?
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[18 Nov 2005|09:46pm]

.firstly Hayley not wearing a shirt. This is just a sketch but I don't draw her enough and damnit everyone needs some naked liberals.
.secondly Roger in that hot sexy harem outfit oh yes sir. XD Wow-ee.
.thirdly a work-in-progress of Neil and Steve[mutual masturbation]. Actually I have most of it colored, now, but I have to add the details and posters to the wall and that'll take a while. x.o
.little bit o Quagmire/Roger action
and finally,
.ODG MEG IN A NIGHTGOWN~ Ahaha, uh, yes, Meg is cool. I've been liking her a lot lately because I've been doing an rp about her and another character. But if I told you who you'd probably hate me. This coming from the girl who draws the baby and the dog humping.
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[12 Nov 2005|12:18pm]

It's been a whiiiile since I posted here! Well. Here are some images!
.Stewie puts aside his differences with Lois for a moment- I think they're both pretty much bondage queens. They'd make a great team. XD This image was drawn by me but colored by the delightfully talented Tentaclees, God love 'er.
.MEG. Being licked by my friend's female character, Jacky. I think it's delightfully cute.
.A few doodles from the FCC episode. Naked Quagmire! :D
.Meg, Lois and Stewie. Stewie is the hottest.
.Good old Stewie and Brian cuteness.
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Bonus: Here are a few very questionable screencaps from last week's episode. :D
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[26 Oct 2005|07:32pm]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Peter being masturbated by Chris is errr.. Way hotter than it ought to be. I did three pictures that are fairly similar, I like the last one best.
Very NSFW, and uh, well, just generally... YEAH. Euuu! XD Even to me, a little! [youknowyouloveitthough]
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Roger having sex with Quagmire! Brian having sex with OlderStewie!
A Brian/Stewie/OlderStewie threesome!
Me throwing away any artistic integrity I might have ever had!
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lol what an art dump [23 Oct 2005|09:44pm]

run little rabbit run
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Here are links to some NSFW pictures I did of..

Older Stewie from the Family Guy 'movie'.
little stewie bossing him around
that's some sad masturbation

NSFW OC collab of Stewie stepping on Brian [man he sure loves stepping on people.. this was done before the picture up there, I ripped this off considerably. XD boy I'm creative]

The tombstone I put on the bulletin board at a halloween party last night[naked Stewie but you can't see anything]

This isn't mine, but I saw that someone put this tombstone and had to take a picture. XD
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[19 Oct 2005|08:22pm]

You remember that episode of the simpsons where homers gets a sexy photo of himself as a mostly naked fireman?
I thought Stewie would look better like that. XD
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Dirty pictures and a Rocky Horror themed RP log behind the cut.
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[13 Oct 2005|05:24pm]

Lois.. I drew her leaning on something, but I was too lazy to turn that surface into anything of any consequence.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Bondage Lois and some naked Stewies..
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[06 Oct 2005|08:46pm]

Oh boy, here we go.
.Chris Griffin as Rocky Horror
.Stewie as Frank- "Don't Dream It.."
.large page of doodles, of the rest of the cast[most of it anyway]
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Also, for those of you who haven't seen Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story.. At one point, Stewie plants indecent pictures of himself on Brian's laptop as blackmail. Here are the four pictures. They are.. Uh.. Well, yeah, not safe for work in that that's a BABY.
and my personal favorite..
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[05 Oct 2005|07:08pm]

I believe it was Jade Gryphon who said she was thinking of doing a Rocky Horror/Family Guy pic.. Plz don't think I'm stealing your idea! All credit to ya, and I hope to see you draw that, but in the meanwhile I couldn't help myself x3
Brian and Stewie, ...errr, PRETTY MUCH work safe..
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[03 Oct 2005|01:29am]

Jack and Roger smut.
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And I think you guys will enjoy this..
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[01 Oct 2005|02:29am]

O HAY GUYS haven't posted in some time! Here is an RP log from earlier today. Same format as usual, same sinners to blame.. It's partly based on Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story[in which Stewie hits the bottle, hard], but there are no spoilers. Enjoy :3

."on the rocks".
.stewie and brian.
.graphic heavy petting, no actual penetration.
.this story involves :
the use of alcohol;
teddy bears being used inappropriately;
foul language.. just what you've come to expect from molly and vee :B.
notes: the start is a bit abrupt.. and so is the end, we both had to dash after the climax, so to speak. ha!
I think, though, for what it's worth it's fairly funny and very sexy and a good fast read.

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Because You NEED IT. [14 Sep 2005|10:04am]

[ mood | excited ]

This is another RP that Vee and I did, actually through email, because we dork like that, and yes, it's all edited so ya'll can read it and enjoy.

It's not labeled, uhhh, I'm assuming anyone who DOES bother to read this can figure who is who.
Also, this is the rp that inspired this -> http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/view/43806/

Go nuts, chillens.

Cooling OffCollapse )

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kitchensaix [03 Sep 2005|11:48am]

[ mood | calm ]

Hay I finished that picture of Brian and Stewie in front of the fridge. NWS.Collapse )

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o lawd [02 Sep 2005|08:48pm]

[ mood | bored ]

A Crossover Pairing That Should Not Exist
[childish crayon font] by vee and molly [/ccf]
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and Brian.

Work SafeCollapse )
Two Dogs Walk Into A BarCollapse )
Not Work SafeCollapse )

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rp log. [30 Aug 2005|12:24am]

[ mood | amused ]

pairing: stewie and brian
activities: graphic heavy petting
rating: insanely R
notes: this is a condensed and edited RP log, and there are spaces between each post- It starts with Stewie, then goes to Brian, then back. It's not difficult to figure out at all. On a side note; I long for the day when I mature enough to write something without every sentence being laden with sexual innuendo.
the basket: reserved for my trip to hell.
Curiously, he turned his head and went even redder. -That's.. T.. That's disgusting..- He marveled, but didn't recoil. He may have pressed closer.Collapse )

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Yeah... [28 Aug 2005|11:13pm]

[ mood | craptastic ]

I'm on a completely different level than anyone else here. That's not a good thing...

Don't do drugs, Mmm'kay?Collapse )

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